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    RXP Oil leak please help!!!

    Hi, Have just got engine back from rebuild, fitted it yesterday, put some oil in and it started dripping out the bottom. I put 3.5 litres in the filler and half a litre in the oil filter canister. it doesnt look like i have 4 litres in the hull, alot of it i hope will still be in the sump. theres no oil coming from the driveshaft seal, i did notice a drip coming from below the oil filter housing. does the bolt for oil filter canister have to be tight? ie can oil get down the threaded bit at the bottom if the bolt isnt in properly? I hadnt even got 2 crank her over so the oil was under no pressure, yet its poured out. Please any help needed

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    If it's not coming out the drive shaft seal - you need to take it back out - maybe one of the bottom plugs is out - how fast does it leak out? Might be a pincged mag gasket or a leaking oil pump gasket. Good luck

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    im gona have a closer look 2nite with the inlet off, the way it has just poured out without any pressure leads me 2 think, like u say a bottom plug, i made sure the oil cooler o rings were there so its not that. Does anyone know of any blanking plugs on the pto housing that would be low enough for the oil just to pour out.

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    The oil pressure regulator assembly is on the bottom of the PTO cover and is a good thing to check too. Tchies is right tho, it will likely be easiest to lift the motor up, clean up bottom, then pour oil in while engine is lifted and you can see where it comes out. There are quite a few oil plugs and sensor locations in the block where oil could leak out if not assembled 100%.

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