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Thread: New Kawi owner

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    New Kawi owner

    Hey guys a friend of mine just picked up an 04 ultra 150 with 40 hours on it and is looking to do some little things to make it run faster and handle better, please give me some info on what he can do with out having to pull apart the motor and stuff.

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    I have a friend who just did some bolt-on mods on his 4stroke Ultra LX and saw some gains.

    Here's his thread:
    See page 10 for his most recent gains.

    I know your asking for a 2 stroke, but these are all external bolt-ons. I thought the principal might be the same for either model...

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    Take a look at this thread
    Morris is the man when it comes to the Ultra 150.

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    Check out the threads in my sig. They will tell you alot.

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    Listen to Morris!

    First--triple pissers (and a strainer).

    One other thing, remove the multifunction display and seal the back of it (where the wires go in) with 3M 5200. They WILL leak after a few years and new displays are expensive!

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    sponsons, intake grate, shreadmaster rideplate, and R&D nozzle for handling. When it comes to the motor dump the CV carbs and get aftermarket ones, just ask Johny5.

    I spent to much money with skiworx on my stock CV carbs with no to negative gains. Also I found that Skiworx is hard to work with. Hard to get ahold of and takes many calls to get a return call. Unless you have spent many dollars with them in the past. everyone don't flame me on that comment just my opinion.

    Put Mikuni SBN 44's on and am glad I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainoverspray View Post
    just my opinion.

    Put Mikuni SBN 44's on and am glad I did.
    What do they say about opinion's again? Oh Yeah!
    Mr Over spray I am truly sorry we have done something to displease you but as I have said often we are the ONLY game left in town who even cares about the Ultra.. We get very overwhelmed trying to keep everyone happy, its not easy.. I guess its like they say you cant please everyone.. But in the 11 years we have been modding the Ultra we still have very satisfied customers.. We have a great relationship with Morris and he will be the first to tell anyone we try to hard to hard to please everyone.. I take it personal when someone is not happy and I try to resolve any issues as best as I can.. Somethings are just beyond our control..

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