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    1999 Polaris 1050 sltx

    Ran some test figure the stator is shot....does the engine have to be pulled out to install a new stator?

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    i know on my sl1050 i had too remove the tank but on my sltx i think there is enough room too get at the flywheel cover.. my sltx is a 1997 though.. i dont know how much different the engine compartment is

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    You need enough room to not only get the flywheel cover off, but to install and really tighten a flywheel puller.

    Some guys have had success doing it in the hull. Sometimes they move the fuel tank forward, or even remove it through the front opening. Not all tanks will fit through the opening, however.

    Others have commented that they would have been better off to remove the engine from the hull, then work on the flywheel on the bench.

    Sometimes the flywheel can be really hard to get loose. Search for flywheel puller to see what others have done.

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    If it doesn't work out that you can fix the bike, i am interested in the fule tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stricklin View Post
    If it doesn't work out that you can fix the bike, i am interested in the fule tank.
    Where did this come from???????

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