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    250/260 TeamMoto Spring Cleaning.

    Over stock or over Oredered, No matter its not wanted by me.

    PM me what you want, Ill update as things that sell off.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    All items listed are cost without shipping. Red means SOLD

    #1 TBM Billet oil cap 1 new at $20 and one used at $10 Each
    #2 Rogue Racing Exhuast cap. New $25
    #3 R&D Exhuast Vent Covers for 07-08 Only $20
    #4 R&D Deep Fuel Pick Up New $20 Each x1
    #5 TBM Oil Vent cover plate New $10 Each x1
    #6 Ducky bill replacement $10
    #7 One Ducky Bill $25
    #8 R&D Pump stuffer Used $20
    #9 R&D Belt holder kit Used $35

    AS always, gladly excepting PayPal and checks from my hommies.
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    I'll take 6 & 7 Skipper if it works on the Ultra. If the Billet Oil cap is cool & blingy, I'll take that too. If you don't have one on your boat then it's not cool enough for me.


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    They are all cool, Its just Im cleaning house and you know how I role. If Im on the phone ordering might as well get a few for my pals. Then I say something stupid and they aint my friend anymore. Well it adds up over time.

    So you want #6 and #7 and you want a new #1?

    Doug you dont have to pay pal, I know where to find you. Im putting you down for $55 plus shipping punk.

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    I will take #1- whichever one Poppa Dawg doesnt take. I will also take #2 & #5 too! I need a finger throttle too if you have one-- prefer Macc or TBM.


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    Your a lucky dog Cody.

    Im able to open your box and squeeze some goodies in it.

    #1 Used = $10, #5 new = $10 and #2 for $25. Im going to open it to fit it in the little box I have if thats ok?

    So your total is $45

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    shoot I want a ducky bill replacement...

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    I take the belt holder kit


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    Grrrr. Just paid 80 for a new beltholder kit. Oh well. 1, 2 and 4 still up for sale? I'll take one each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spin21 View Post
    Grrrr. Just paid 80 for a new beltholder kit. Oh well. 1, 2 and 4 still up for sale? I'll take one each.

    #4 is still availible.

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    #10 just added Carillo rods--$50 bucks..

    Dubz1 I'll take ten for fiddy!

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