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    gp1200r problems

    I have a 01 gp1200r replaced the motor with an SBT it has never ran right. I had the original carbs replaced and the new carbs rebuild, and had a dead pv servo replaced. Now it still will not run at low speed WOT is great, I have what seems to be a conflicting symptom. Ski starts ok cold but when its hot it is hard to start, if i run fast its ok but if i slow down it will bog down at low speed. If i choke it a little she runs ok, but when i idle for a bit with no choke or go though the no wake area it loads up really bad. I smell its rich any help would be great. Thanx

    It does have d plate and sensor.

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    What do the plugs look like when you pull them out?

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    gpr Problem

    Ill take a look today

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