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    looking for 85mph?????

    hi ! i have seadoo RXT-X 255 2008 year stock , i want looking for 85mph , any good idea parts can install ???? can get top end speed 85mph >>>>>

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    You might want to take care of the pump tunnel before you start thinking about going fast. 85 might be a reach, it takes alot to get a RXPX to 85, a RXTX would be alot harder.

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    thank for reply , last week i just do the pump tunnel reinforment, ant good parts can go to 85mph ??????????????????

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    These 3 seaters are big and alot heavier than the RXPs..You will need a lot of cash and alot of power..Your gonna need a Scer that puts out alot of boost,your gonna want to spin higher RPMs,which means either a ECU or Motec system.Head work,exhaust,Your gonna need prop work,Intercooler,injectors and alot of test time..85 on a 3 seater is hard to accomplish..Which i wish you all the luckin the world and would love to see your build as most on here would too..This could be a fun build for you and others to watch..

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    yes ! i understand in 3 seater go to 85mph is very alot harder, but i want to test , any good strong parts can support ????

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    It's fairly easy to get a T-X to 80 MPH. After that the going gets tough. In my opinon after the usual mods to get to eighty--think of installing a turbo. That will get you there.

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    +1+1...Install a TURBO system on you 3-seater get it dial right and you will see 85-90 mph all day. It just take a lot of cash and tunning time that 's all. Good luck .......

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    whats your budget there ALOT of parts to list. check out stsperformance rxt-x build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dockside View Post
    whats your budget there ALOT of parts to list. check out stsperformance rxt-x build


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    The man for you is mrracing ask him!!!

    IMO you need: b-kit, cp pistons, new rods, retainer 8600 reflash, new rotax racing pump, rr cams, light countershadt, light hood and seat,rr intercooler , opne loop system,new prop...and also wkth these mods will be hard but you will have a very fast ski!!

    But mrracing has skills to say you better due to he worked and known lemoine ski!!!!

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