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    search oil stuff for ultra 150 (1999)

    Hello! I `ve bought a jet without oil stuff. so i search for that!
    Thanks from deutschland

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    You mean that it has been converted to pre-mix? Generally, this is a bad thing for the average user to do to the Ultra 150. You MUST periodically oil the balance shaft bearings.

    I'm know that there have been a number of Ultra 150 engines blow up because of piston failure. You might be able to find someone here that has a pump, or on the Skiworx site (, or the SBT site. You might also look on Ebay for anyone that is selling a hull because the engine is blown.

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    I ve bought the ski with a balance shaft damage! Now the engine is complet, i have 120 psi compression, the only thing that i missing is all the oil stuff for make a test in the water!
    thanks for de sites

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    Who ever rebuilt your engine, did they make sure the one way check valves were in place and working properly?

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    Did you mean the valves to rear and front crankcase? ore what did you mean?

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    They are in the case between the balancer cavities and the outside cylinders. They allow the oil that is pump into the balancers to be burned with the fuel in those cylinders.

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    Ah! How can i check these valves? Here in germany is nobody how now the ski well. i have an repair manuel but erverything in english! its very difficult for me to translete all the special words! Thanks

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