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    Need advise


    Looking at getting some pwc's and want to make the right choice. We've rented alot in the past and are finally buying. Wanting an all around great jet ski for pulling, playing, cruising, and just having fun. The ones I found I like are the 08 rxp 155's, the 08 wake 215, or the 07 kawi ultra lx not the 250 just the lx. I know this is the sea doo section so try to remain fair if you can to the kawi. On all the forums alot of people warn about the s/c and that sea doos have alot more maintainace issues is this true and which ski will be the best investment. Cost wise the rxps are 13,900 with under 20 hours, the wakes are 14,999 under 20 hours, and the kawis would be around 17ish brand new. Any input would be great thanks.

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    Are those prices for one or two? Where are you located? That seems high for one.

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    Those are for both on a trailer. The wakes are on ebay, and the others are in Utah.

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    Welcome to the forum! I think you would be happy with any of your choices. As for as the rxp's go, I personally own two of them. Aside from doing the regular oil changes and installing the metal washers, the only thing I have done is have fun on them for the past 4 years! You may want to check your local laws if you are planning on doing some pulling. I know in louisiana it is illegal to pull from a 2 seater pwc. This may help your decision a little since the rxp is a 2 seater. Hope this helps, and whatever you decide, good luck with it!

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    The wakes sound like the best bet even though being supercharged if you have riva washers they are good up to a load of hours. Not knowing what i do now i ran my 2007 rxp 215 for 120 hours with just normal service and not changing out the washers. the rxps are also not really good for towing as i tried with mine so the 155s would be a struggle since i had the 215s. the wake seems to be a great pick plenty of power to pull, cruise and play.

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    I would go with the Wake of the skis mentioned, I have an 05 n/a Wake,very versatile ski. The Kawi LX is heavy for a n/a ski,I understand that they are very good in chop but the speed just isn't there.

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    As mentioned above the Wake seems like your best bet. The RXPs you wont be able to pull with, and with the LX you may find it lacking power when pulling. The Wake will out perform the LX with ease.

    Like any ski they will all need maintenance. However, with the wake I would recommend getting some upgraded washers right off the bat. If you can pull the superchargers yourself you can have both superchargers rebuilt fairly cheap. Besides the washers, Sea Doo builds some very tough skis. Im more performance oriented so naturally I went with the one with the most power.

    Some benefits of the LX are that its a rather large ski and will take the rough waters great. With it being a bigger ski and already undepowered it wont be nearly as fast as the Wake. Another benefit is that with the LX you will be able to run 87 octane fuel. This will save you a few bucks each fill up and you will be able to fill up on the water at more places.

    If you can ride each ski and see which one you like more. Each one of us will have a different opinion. Only way to truly know what is right for you is to ride each of them.

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    Judging by the prices, the Wake is the best deal seeing that it is a 3 seater and supercharged. You will wish you had the extra power if you want to pull a tube. As far as the RXP's, they are two seaters and will give you a rougher ride. Which may be fine if you ride relatively calm water, but can get a little tiresome in the chop. They are more "fun" though.

    If it was me, I would go with the Wake.

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