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    yacht club double vs triton?

    Can anyone comment on the yacht club double PWC trailers? Are they any good?

    DO you know if they have torsion axles or spring suspension?

    Exactly how quickly am I going to run into problems if I buy one of the black (painted or powdercoated im not quite sure) yacht club trailers and use it in salt water? Without a galvanized am I going to have rust issues after the first time I launch it in saltwater?

    How much saltwater use would mean i should definitely be getting galvanized instead of painted/PC'd?

    How do the yacht clubs compare to other brands like KAravan Galvys or Triton Aluminums?

    your thoughts?

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    Triton Elite's are probably the nicest trailers, check out their website. Do not get steel if you will use it in saltwater. But, I have owned two steel Yacht Club trailers, and I wouldn't think twice about buying another. I currently have a Triton LT I got a killer deal on.

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    I like my yacht club. Its 7 years old now and still in pretty good shape. It is waxed and babied though. I like it because it matches the hulls well and stuff. I dont like the tritons because of the silver. Alot of people here use the triton. And going to the dealer and seeing the triton I think it is a better trailer then the yacht club. Sturdier, tougher, etc... My buddy has a triton snowmobile trailer and loves it and is in great shape.

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    Ive had both. Both are great trailers. If using in salt get the triton. I use only in fresh but still now use the triton. Yacht club uses only leaf spring as far as i know. My triton is an elite double and uses torsion. Pulls alot smoother than my yacht club that had leaf springs.


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