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    Cool SLX vs. SL 900. Which to buy???

    I am looking at buying a project ski. I am currently looking at a 1996 SLX, and a 1996 SL 900. I have owned a 96 SLX and know quite a bit about them. However I know nothing about the SL 900. Other than the obvious motor size what are the differences? Are there any differences in the hulls, fuel systems, electronics, etc. Is there a top end speed or acceleration difference?

    Thank you for any info provided!

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    you should post this in the discussion section.. this area is for tech info

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    Hopefully a moderator will move this into the correct section.

    Many, Many, Many differences between the SLX780 and the 900.

    780 (blue) is a Fuji engine, while the 900 (red) is a domestic. Nothing compatible between the 2.

    900 makes more HP, and can be modified into a 1050cc with different cyls.

    Both hulls would be the same.

    Both jet pumps would be the same.

    If I were you, I'd hold out and wait for a 1050 or 1200 project to come along.

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