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    Exclamation 96 SLX or 98 SL 900 which one to buy???

    I am looking at buying a project ski. I am currently looking at a 1996 SLX, and a 1996 SL 900. I have owned a 96 SLX and know quite a bit about them. However I know nothing about the SL 900. Other than the obvious motor size what are the differences? Are there any differences in the hulls, fuel systems, electronics, etc. Is there a top end speed or acceleration difference?

    Thank you for any info provided!

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    I like the Domestic motors (900, 1050, 1200), but the Fuji 780 is a good motor as well. The 900 will definitely have more power, and has more "upgrade" potential. I'd get which ever one is in the best shape. Hull and electronics (gauges) are the same. Fuel systems are slightly different, due to motors being a different brand. 900 will top end about 58-59mph, and the 780 is a couple below that.

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    if both are in good shape id go for the 900! i have two domestic engines and they are the 1050's and they have a but load of power lol! you will like it alot

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