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    Help new to PWC and so confused

    Let me first start off by saying I am brand new to PWC and not mechanical at all. Picked up a couple Seadoo's( 2003 GTX 4 TEC Supercharged and a 2003 RXDI, both have around 30 hours on them) last weekf or the family to use at brother in law's lake house that we go to most of the summer. After spending a good amount of time reading all the great and confusing information I have learned one thing about them in my short time, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    It isnt the cost of the ski's that hurt you- its all the rest that comes with it.
    So my question is what do I do first? Last night I thought it was to have a bilidge pump installed and then a valve to close some hose if I had to have it towed. Now it seems like reading this thread I need to pull my SC( no clue where it is or how to do it) and have it sent to Jerry to have the ceramic washers replaced. Or is there anything else even more important than these things.
    Am I just being really paranoid and scared or have PWC now become my hobby( and money pit? )

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    the 2003 supercharged model does not have ceramic clutches that being said it is never a bad idea to have it checked out the 03 will give you less problems over all just keep the oil changed and do'nt get water in the engine from a roll over the rxdi in a different story from what i have read they can be and pain some times and when things go wrong it is bad wrong just have regular maintence done on both and welcome to grenhulk and the fine world of pwc also look into joining AWA it is a great group and you get a monthly mag. with good info.

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