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    Re-Flash Gauge to Reset Hours?

    I read somewhere that you can do this on a Seadoo, but what about a Yamaha? I will be dropping in a new engine and want my gauge to match my motor. Who works on jetski electronics?

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    Hey adam, I would imagine you would have to have it cleared out by some type of device that plugs in. not sure though, I wonder if mine has an hour gauge but im not sure, my display is one with tach, fule, and oil, but no speedo, also check out my post, I was wondering about an impeller i bought on the forum, if you could give me some insight about what it is good for, its a solas 14.5 X 18

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    All the years I have been on here I have the question asked many times and the outcome has always been can't be done. The best thing to do is keep good records and receipts of what and when you did the upgrades or rebuild. Log the current hours on to the receipt.

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    Adam, dont you know you have to drive it in reverse..... it will role the hrs right back ot zero !!
    Yes, I am joking, didn't you learn anything from watching Ferris Builers Day Off. They try it

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    The Scan Sea tool can reset hours but it costs around $2500

    The master tech version of the BUDS system can also do it but practically nobody has access to this aside from Seadoo themselves.

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