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    Burn mark on edge of new solas impeller


    I just installed my new Solas impeller and new wear ring on my RXT-X. I took it out yesterday for a test ride and all went well.

    When I got home to start the flushing process with the hose, I noticed a smell of burning plastic and a little white smoke coming out from the impeller area while the engine when I hit the throttle a little. I killed the engine soon as I saw this and got a flashlight so I could look at the impeller. I noticed the impeller took a little shaving of the wear ring. I got underneath the ski so I could get a rear look at the impeller through the intake grate and saw a little brown burning on the blade edges of the impeller.

    I started the ski again and left it idol and no smoke or burning plastic smell. It seems to only happen when I pull the throttle while flushing (which I know now that your not supposed to do while flushing) and not while running at idol.

    I'm hoping I did not mess up my new wear ring and impeller by pulling the throttle while flushing. This never happened on the OEM impeller.

    Has anyone experienced that before?

    Kind of freaked me out

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    prob. had a tiny rock in there somewhere and ate the ring up untill it finally spit the rock out. mine just did the same thing and left the same "burnt" looking brown around the edges of the prop but didnt do any damage to it. scrape the burnt plastic off with a razor blade or something similar. the wear ring on the other hand was toast with mine

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    solas on myne ate its way into my wear ring at first....i guess bc i had it repitched (-) it chewed away at the wear ring until it cleared wear ring actually has a little step in it from the leading edge of the prop...i was told this wont hurt perf...and my edges are brown from the plastic...just take a look to make sure noo damage happened from a rock.

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    Re: Burn mark on edge of new solas impeller

    This may be normal bro. I hear most say to make sure you run the ski in the water first when you change props and the wear ring. you are probably fine.

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    You need a new wear ring now FYI. Go with the SS

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