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    1997 785 pro not running right

    Hi guys, I bought a 785 pro last summer. The ski has low hours with only 55 hours on the hull, and about 5 on the engine. I was really disappointed in the performance when i got the ski, it would only do about 52 mph. Turned out the previous owner had put the wrong impellor on it. Anyways, from help from 785lugs, i replaced the impellor, and finally got the ski up to about 57 mph.

    However Im still not impressed with it at all. Its very inconsistent, and sometimes pulls hard, other times it is boggy. And even when it runs right, its the same speed as my buddies sl900 if Im real lucky. The biggest problem i have had is not pulling enough rpms. I can't remember exactly what it would turn, but i seem to remember 7500 ish. Its also terrible on gas, litterly 15-20 minutes of playing and its out of gas.

    Anyways, a few people last year had suggested that even though the engine is rebuilt, that possibly the carbs weren't and that they should be rebuilt.

    So where can i get a carb rebuilt kit, how much should this cost. Should I just buy a set of aftermarket carbs, how much do they go for???? Is there anything else I should be investigating that may be the problem.

    Im from canada, and we can't ride for a couple months yet, just planning to get this fixed so im up and ready for the season when it comes.



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    Check your exhaust valves make sure that are not broken and the servo operates.

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    What beerdart said ^^^^^^^^ and you might also want to check piston wash. You're down on RPM and from what you said, using a lot of gas. Maybe it's running very rich. I'm just throwing out a few more ideas.

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    785lugs got me to check the exhaust valves last year to make sure there operating right. wow, that was tricky, riding it without the seat, lol.

    i was thinking the same about the jetting. I never took carbs off, but wondered if when the motor was rebuilt, maybe the dealer threw some big jets in the carbs to prevent engine failure????


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    Have you checked the compression numbers at all?

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    yes,i can't remember exactly what they were, but they were in-line with what 785lugs said was adequate

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    Quote Originally Posted by soo785 View Post
    785lugs got me to check the exhaust valves last year to make sure there operating right. wow, that was tricky, riding it without the seat...
    Does that check tell you if any of the actual exhaust valves are broken, or just that the valve motor is working?

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    no, that will just tell you if they are operating properly. You would have to take them out of cylinder to see if they are damaged or not.

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    All three of my valves worked but were completely broken off when I first got my 97.

    Also...while I agree the pro is a gas hog...I have never had anywhere near as short of run times that you are you have a leak in the tank?!?!?

    Engine compartment smell gassy at all??

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    even if the valves are broken you still won't loose rpm's
    unless there completly broken off .
    Start with the carbs and i would check the crank to make sure it's not twisted .
    Alot of guys get there cranks redone and never notice the loss in RPM"s but with a Pro you will the crank has to be PERFECT to pull good rpm #s

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