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    Installing a PWC Storage Box

    How much gear does one person have to take along to have an enjoyable cruise on the lake? My problem is that when I go to the lake for a weekend patrol, you would think I have a marine safety wholesale store running out of my van. I usually carry all my patrol equipment to be either in charge of the boat for the day, being part of required boat crew, or patrolling on a PWC. And on top of that, extra equipment for backups, tools to do repairs and trailer safety equipment. My problem is that I treat my van like a truck. At least my wife keeps reminding me about it.

    How difficult can it be to fabricate a mounting plate and use an off-the-shelf storage tote the carry all the PWC stuff in one location? I’d like to keep all of the PWC stuff in one box; PFD’s, tools, spare parts, line, tie down straps, a jack and my PWC patrol bag so when I hook up the PWC trailer, I should have everything there ready to go. Well, here is an inexpensive way and it is quite portable for other installations. It also helps to have friends that can weld and have some scrap steel angle lying around.

    I purchased the Rubbermaid Action Packer storage box from the local Wal-Mart. It has a storage capacity of 24 gallons, it’s lightweight, lockable, and weather-proof and it is portable. I then designed a steel angle iron frame to be u-bolted to the trailer tongue just slightly larger than the tote. It has holes drilled on all 4 sides to utilize bungee straps to hold the tote in place when travelling.

    The steel frame is 2” x 2” x 1/8” angle. The base of tote was measured and the frame designed slightly bigger to also accommodate space for the u-bolts. You could also weld this bracket to the trailer tongue, but I’d rather have it removable for use on two different trailers. Not all PWC trailers can accommodate storage containers. The double PWC trailers have the advantage of the a-frame at the tongue area to attach a box. The cheapest box I could find was about $100 at the local Tractor Supply. The single trailers have limited space when to take into consideration the winch handle and the jack handle locations. The PWC trailer I have is actually a boat trailer that was acquired for free. I rebuilt it for PWC use and it still can be used could be used for a small 14-16 boat. It does have the ability to tip back to launch since the trailer stands much higher than the normal PWC trailer. I do have another trailer made for PWC’s so I want the frame and storage tote to be portable.

    After the frame was weld, holes drilled and sanded down, thanks Rich, I gave it a light sanding for the paint. I used the Rust-oleum Hammered finish paint. I used this for its durability and I have used it on the exterior framing and parts of my 1968 Tag-A-Long camper that I stay at when on patrol at Smith Mountain Lake. No primer is needed and you can spray over some rust that occurs with most angle iron projects. I used the U-shaped bolts to temporarily mount this to the frame. I put the tote in place and checked to see proper placement to clear the winch and jack handles. Then it just a matter of tightening down the u-bolt nuts, mark the end of the bolts and trim them back to fit low profile.

    Now, you can take this a step further depending on how much creativity you have and how many different applications you can use this for. You could add a pulled metal mesh floor to the inside of the frame. Since my tote is held in place with bungee cords, you could also create several different travel pods or pallets that would fit inside the metal frame. With this arrangement you can increase your carrying capacity based on where you are going, if camping is involved, or you just need more space than just the 24-gallon tote.

    This is only one of many ideas how to make a storage area for your PWC trailer. You can search the internet and find other ideas that might be better suited to your needs. There are many ideas listed on the various PWC performance forum sites. Green Hulk and PWC Today are good ones. One last note; if the stern deck on your PWC is large enough, you could bungee the entire tote down with the camping gear for your overnight stay.

    Here is an itemized parts list:

    (8 feet) 2” x 2” x .125 steel angle
    One close friend that has a welder
    (1 can) Rust-oleum Hammered Finish spray paint
    (2) 5/16” x 2” x 5” u-bolts
    (2) 5/16” u-bolt strap washers
    (4) 5/16” washers
    (4) 5/16” nylon lock nuts
    (1) Container of assorted bungee cords
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    Great post!


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    Great post...good lookin trailer.

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    Great Post, I was trying to figure out how to do mine.. Thank's

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