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    GP1300R Service Manual

    Hi guys,

    I just received a GP1300R Service Manual that I ordered from The book number is LIT-18616-GP-00.

    The manual doesn't seem to be an original. It looks like a reprinted/bound copy. I'm not sure, so I need some help identifying if its real or not. It has a clear plastic cover, a black plastic back cover and a plastic bound spine.

    One thing that caught my eye is that after the first 50 pages or so, it looks like a new manual. There is a new cover page, index, etc. and this new section has an identifier of LIT-18616-02-44 / F1G-28167-1F-11. When I look up the LIT#, it comes back as a service manual for a 2003-2004 GP1300 rather than the 2008 version that I need.

    But... when I look through the manual, I see instructions on how to service the fuel injectors... which didn't exist in the '03-05 models.

    In one place I was shopping, I saw two references to the GP1300 manual... one was the LIT-18616-02-44 service manual for the 03-04 models with
    Yamaha Service Manual, GP1300R `05 (supplement to LIT-18616-02-44).

    I'm confused as to what exactly I have. Is it the original 03-04 manual with the 05-08 supplement already added in? Do the OEM manuals look like this?

    I have manuals for the '97 GP1200 and the '01 GP1200R and neither of them look like this one. But... it's a newer ski and a newer manual so they may have changed some things.

    I'm afraid I may have ended up with a "copy" of a manual rather than the true OEM version I thought I had ordered and I'm just worried that I may not be able to trust the contents.

    If anyone has a manual that they can look at and describe some of the main components of it to me, that would be very helpful.

    Thank you,

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    Can anyone help me with this? Anyone with a '05-'08 GP1300R service manual that wouldn't mind making a few comparisons. I need to do some work on my ski and I'm not sure which part of this manual I am supposed to use.

    The initial section, which doesnt appear to be complete chapters vs. the second section... the specs laid out in each dont match, but they both reference the GP1300R.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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