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Thread: 650 jetting

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    650 jetting

    Gotta 92 650 SL that I had given to me, it had a weak piston in it so I am boring it over 20 thou on all thee cylinders. now will the carbs need to be rejetted or is there enough ajustment in the needles.
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    The jetting should be fine.

    Are you already planning to clean and rebuild the carburetors?

    Have a look below for more info

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    Going though the carbs now changing fuel lines get rid of the outocock and the restrictor in the fuel return is missing. I should have the new pistons this weekend so by next week I should have every thing together to drop back in

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    Jetting should be OK. Maybe give the high speed needles another 1/4 turn OUT to compensate for the larger bore.

    Be sure to also inspect your petcock for restriction, and the fuel lines inside the gas tank.

    Not a bad isea to replace the oil lines if you're keeping the oil injection.

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