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    what is gelcoat????

    is it the stuff thats about as thick as a penny just before the fiberglass??? and is the fiberglass on a stx15f normally white under the "gelcoat" or yellow?

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    I had some minor damage done to the front compartment on my 07 Ultra. The paint was knocked off down to the base white material. I took the cover off and brought it to a body shop where they prepped and re-sprayed it for me. If i remember correctly it was just standard paint like on a car with clear coat. The white material could be the base primer they spray on before the main color coat. I dont think its gel coat, but im not in the paint and body business. Hope this helps a little.

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    Gelcoat is espacially made for fiberglass, it's not normal car paint,it's resin base paint that is alot harder then a normal paint, it's applied by multiple coat and then wet sand and buff with compound to bring out the shine. There is no prime under gelcoat,it,s applied directly on the fiberglass. The white layer should be polymer (fiberglass finishing putty) .

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    Is there anyway to repair this gelcoat coating? My hull has been scratched to shit

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    you need to fill your deep scratch with fiberglass putty and repaint with gelcoat. It's the same process as auto body work except that you apply gelcoat instead of paint. If your not familiar with fiberglass product you better have the jog done by someone who does.

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    post some pics of the damage

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