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    Guy Catches Marlin From PWC...Caught On Video

    There's a guy in New Zealand known as "The Extreme Fisherman," who hosts a popular TV show. In one episode he landed a marlin. In another he jumped out of a helicopter to catch one with his bare hands. I've got video of both...

    Extreme Fisherman Catches Marlin On PWC

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    This is how I run a jetski shop in the desert nmpeter's Avatar
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    nice rig!

    certainly worth a look fellas.

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    I think that guy hurt his arm while patting himself on the back... for catching a worn out marlin, which looks to have been previously caught.

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    Still impressive.

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    Personally, I was impressed that he jumped out of a perfectly good helicopter. Or, perhaps, I was completely dumbfounded...

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    more impressed by this guy -

    He REALLY wanted to keep his fish!

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