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    how to change Sleeve

    Is there any info, or does someone know how to change cylinder sleeve on ultra 130

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    has to be bored out then new one dropped in

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    You actually have to heat up the cylinders. The different metals expand at different rates. When it reaches a certain temperature, the sleeves will pop right out. Don't remember what temp is needed, but it's not that high... maybe 150 degrees.

    When installing the new sleeves, you heat up the cylinders and cool off the sleeves, then just push the sleeves into the cylinders.

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    ultra is individual cylinders on a common crank case, but in some respects similar to the 1100 triples, and those have to be bored out and still heated to fit a sleeve. has anyone ever put in 3 sxr 800 sleeves into an 1100 cylinder?? are the ports close enough to cheat that in??

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    Why would you want to put 800 sleeves into an 1100 cylinder?

    You have to heat the cylinders/cool the sleeves to install. When you've got three cylinders, you've got your hands full keeping everything aligned. When done, you have to machine the sleeves.

    Best bet, if you need new sleeves, send it to a shop that knows what they're doing.

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