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Thread: Which Prop?

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    Which Prop?

    Ok im getting closer to the end of my build, just want to be 100% on the prop cuz its the one thing im unsure about.

    Judging from other threads I believe that the Solas 15/20r in the GH store will put my speed/rpms where i want them but just want to make sure before spending 300 bucks. My set up is below.

    2006 RXP: 4in Fizzle, XS Cooler w/ strainer, S3 SC, Riva Free Flow, Catch can, #42's, 2 degree wedge w/ VTS extension, Toploader grate, Ride plate holes filled.

    Thanks Guys

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    Just get the 15/20r and pitch accordingly...

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    Alright I guess the 15/20r is a go then. Is it hard to dial it in by repitching it? Id like just a swap and go set up but realize i may need to do some repitching.

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