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    08 RXT SC question.....

    I have 2 08 RXT's with approx 32 hrs on them.
    Have a surging problem with one of the RXT's and was told the SC might be slipping. Took both SC's off and found water in the intake side on the machine with the problem, cracked intercooler.

    I tried to message Green Hulk but his message box is full.
    My question is, should I send them out for some better washers or are the steel Ski Doo washers that I have OK?

    Thanks guy's Jim

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    There has been some cases of the OEM steel washers breaking..The Scer obviously is not your problem BUT as long as you have them out it and with 32 hours on them,wouldnt hurt to upgrade the clutches and have the slip reset..

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    I sent mine to Jerry @37 hours for Riva Washers + McMasters + slip set.

    I feel alot better about my SC now.

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    Mc masters can only be used with the riva or rotax washers.
    Due to the higher slip, the coating of the stock washers will wear soon before 100 hrs interval and cause the clutchwashers to break.
    Oem spring washers have less slip to make the stock clutch washers last until 100 hrs service interval.

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    Thanks for the reply's!!!!

    I might as well send them out. I looked at the Green Hulk web site for contact info and didn't find anything. How do I get in contact with Jerry?

    Thanks again, Jim

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    OK I found the contact info at his performance site.

    Sounds like there are at least a couple of choices of washers???
    What style/grade of washers should I get?


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