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    Intake Grate Replacement Needs

    Lurking for some time here and after exhaustive search without finding an answer, I am making my first post.

    I have a 2009 FX SHO that I am looking to change out the stock intake grate to a Riva Top Loader. I noticed that there is a pump seal kit listed for this grate and want to know if this is a necessary install when replacing the grate.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    BTW - riding in the Chesapaeake Bay and tributaries in the Virginia Middle / Northern neck areas.

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    Get the pump seal kit if you can and avoid cavitation

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    Its not mandatory, but will help with cavitation, well worth the money.

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    Money well spent

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    thanks for the quick replies.... how much more effort is needed for the pump seal kit install ?? Is this something that requires a lot of teardown to get to or is this something that is easily accessible when changing out the grate??

    I could find nothing in the service manual in regards to a pump seal, so I can only assume that the kit will come with installation instructions

    Thanks again - this forum is a great resource !!

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    Nevermind.... I did some some digging and found the install instructions and boy am I a DA (lol).... After seeing this I understand more about the seal kit, my thought was much different that what it is.....

    Seems like a no brainer if if truly helps with the cavitation !!

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    yeah it's just some rubber blocks that go in the depressions and fill them. It would be really hard to do it wrong.

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