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    Fuel pump wont stay running

    It's a 2002 Virage 1200 TXI

    Fuel pump kicks on when u crank it and it fires right up. but as soon as u release the start button the fuel pump dies. After it starts if u continue to hold the start button it will run til u let go.
    Is there something not coming on when the engine fires to keep the pump running? Other than that I have no issues.

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    Are you sure it is just the fuel pump that stops, and not the entire EMM/ignition/injection system?

    The Virage TXi (all Virage models, actually) has a Stop/Start module LR-503 that controls the function of the Start/Stop button.

    Your LR-503-1 module (part number 4010724) may have failed.
    The newer LR-503-4 is 4010906 [OEM for the 2004 models] and it supersedes 4010724, which can fail over time

    Click below for diagnostic steps;
    LR-503 module controls Start/Stop engine function on Virage i and Virage TXi models

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