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    Ahhhh!!! I need opinions what should I get

    Hello there,
    I just purchased a RXP and it has 60 hours on it. Im going to go and remove the supercharger today and start it for a rebuild, I am very mechanically inclined but should I send this to you for a full rebuild or do it myself. I am trying to get this done by the end of this week so I can ride next weekend. If I have you do it I am going to overnight it over but If I do it im going to pay the extra to have everything shipped over. Is it terribly difficult, what else do you reccomend replacing on this ski to get to perform much better staying under a grand? Let me know thank you!!!Also is the rebuild kit enough? Or do I need to replace clutches and all of that. Im just trying to get a somewhat reliable ski that is upgraded with things that the factory designed poorly, exhaust, intakes, etc...


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    Ive read all throught that thing. I dont have time to read 100's of posts thoe. I understand he will do it and thats fine, I have the write up for takng the charger off, but where is the write up for overhauling it? And IF I overhaul it should I replace anything else?

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    overhauling what, all what you need to do is take the charger off and send it to Jerry
    that's it

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    to do the job CORRECTLY u would need these tools:

    Sea Doo charger holding plate
    charger gear wrench
    thrust plate wrench
    good torque wrench

    these are just the SPECIALTY tools needed in additon to the standard wrenches required for disassembly and reassembly

    disassembling the charger is nothing difficult but to know the procedure to reassemble the charger using the freezer and heat on the different pieces at different times so u dont need any tools other than your hands to reassemble is a complete whole new story.....if u wanna ride next weekend i suggest u send it to Jerry as well in this particular not saying u cant handle the job but learning all this on your first rebuild would be a bit of a stretch without doing damage to a bearing maybe and knowing what goes in the freezer and what to heat and what order to reassemble is a bit complicated to explain over the internet.......good luck either way u choose friend!

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    being in a hurry and doing your first rebuild isnt a good idea. I vote for sending it to jerry. get riva cluch washers and mcmaster spring washers installed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dockside View Post
    being in a hurry and doing your first rebuild isnt a good idea. I vote for sending it to jerry. get riva cluch washers and mcmaster spring washers installed
    +1 No disprespect to your abilities but his rate and reputation speak for themselves.

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    Crap well this is no good day gets worst...

    I noticed my top end wasnt there yesterday lost about 500 RMPS. I shut it down thinking is was something small so we got towed in and today my buddy and I pulled the supercharger off and sure enough the washers are freaken gone. SO what do I do now, do I need to pull the engine and get that thing cleaned out or pull the oil pumps and clean them or what? I need help I want to this right.

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    500? What was your actual top end RPM'S?

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    It was around 7300 and before i was at 7800, 7900

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