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    787 intake manifold question

    i stripped the threads out on my intake manifolf. i was wondering if i could take it to a machine shop and have them place threaded rods on the stock screw holes? kinda like the aftermarket intakes. it would be easier to take on and off and it wouldnt be as hard to line to carbs on since they would just slide on and off and i wouldn just buy washers and nuts and bolt the carbs down with a nut holding them on instead of having to run one bolt all the way through the carbs and into the intake. i dont know if there is enough room inbetween the side of the block and the inner side of the hull to do that? any opinions would be appreciated! if not where can i get a good condition used intake? thanks!


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    Buy a helicoil kit and you can drill and make the repairs with it, then the threaded holes will be back the same as stock.

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    well i found a complete 97 gsx today with a hole in the block because of a bad crank bearing the lady who owned it said she would take $300 fir it and the trailer as it stands. so im gonna jsut get that for the intake and to have a parts ski and i can see the trailer and get my money back

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