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Thread: OEM Covers

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    OEM Covers

    Would you go with an OEM cover or an aftermarket (Jettribe). I've heard the OEM ones are abrasive?

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    As far as I have learned, all covers can be abrasive. Meaning light scratches. If you use it to trailer with, that is. I would recommend trailering without one and then putting on when you get to destination. The covers will take any grit from the road and use that to form swirl marks. Just like washing a car.

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    Yup, thats what I do. I put them in a big drawstring laundry bag and keep them in the trailer box while towing then put them on for overnight etc... at the destination and when in the driveway. Never tride the Jettribe but I do have 2 OEM and love them. Nice fit and all keep the dust/dirt out. A little water got into the footwells once but no big thing...

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    I love my Jettribe..... I have had OEM and Gladiator covers and neither came close to the quality of the Jettribe!

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    jettribe covers are great!!

    waterprof and in the front where it contacts the scrren is a really soft fabric.

    great covers. i actually just got off the phone with them

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