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    Center and PTO plug wires swapped with updated kit?

    I took the two 1050's out today for a little pre-season trial run.

    The '97 SL1050 I only put a kit in it. Didn't touch anything else after I got it.

    The '96 is coming back on the water after a full rebuild - new crank, new piston kit with bored jugs and update kit.

    The SL immediately was running horrible. Sounded like it was missing. I popped the seat off and swapped the center and PTO plug wires (I remembered having to do this on my 900 a while back too). Put it back on the water and it was running much, much better. Possibly some carb problems - hard to start and wasn't reaching peak RPMs, but doing pretty well for its maiden voyage.

    The '96 SLTX was running about the same way. Unfortunately the way the e-box is mounted there wasn't enough slack in the plug wires to try switching them. I'm going to have to open up the box.

    So this would make three that have had this issue. The 900 ran fine on it's original crank but when the crank died I swapped in a 1050 crank and had to do the same plug swap it must be related to the 1050 crank. (I know they're supposed to be the same but we discovered a couple years ago that the phasing or firing order is indeed different.)

    Any thoughts? Is there more than one kit?

    As I type this, I'm looking at part numbers through the years. From '96 to '98, the part numbers for the updated stator/CDI and coils are all the same. In '99 they change. I wonder if I maybe have later cranks and early kits? That would make sense in the 900 and the SLTX....but the SL1050 should have an original crank. Maybe it has an original crank and a later kit?

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    It seems that the 900 and 1050 cranks do come with two firing orders.

    The MAG cylinder is always correct, but sometimes the CEN and PTO cylinders will be swapped in terms of firing order.

    Just swap the plug wires on the cylinders, or swap the coil primary wires for CEN and PTO, or swap the Hall Effect trigger wires for CEN and PTO.

    900 and 1050 motor firing sequence differences?

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