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Thread: 1996 sl700 cdi

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    1996 sl700 cdi

    I bought this for my '96. Went to put it in and watched the stator wires crumble in my hand. Sold everything except the cdi. It never touched the jetski. Part number says 4010803. Also has a 449 written on it. Cdi has the computer connection so it's not one of the old ones.

    130 Shipped. This is what I payed for it including shipping.


    I am located in Corinth, Texas.

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    That would be the 4010449 Update Kit CDI for the 1996-1997 twin carb two cylinder engines (except Hurricane). Exact match with the 4010402 Update stator.

    That CDI should work with any Update Kit stator or GEN III (2000-2004) stator for the two cylinder engines.

    The connector wiring at the electrical box might need to be adapted, but electrically it should work with all Gen III two cylinder stators.

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