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    Carb Rebuild Question(s)

    In my '99 GP1200 i removed and rebuilt/cleaned out my carbs and am curious if i need to do any more than that or are they good to just be placed back into my ski?

    Do i need to check the pop off pressure? (i didn't replace the needle or seat, they looked good to me)

    Mostly, the carbs were filthy and needed cleaning, replaced some filters and a few gaskets, but over all we're good, just dirty.

    Should I just place them back onto my ski and just tune it from there or is it crucial to check the pop off pressure?

    Anything i'm forgetting?


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    im a novice, i took my carbs off, did a rebuild and put them back on, didnt replace needles or check popoff. just did a good cleaning and replaced seals, springs and the screen, via a kit and it ran like a top. I turned the needles to factory setting and then tuned it from there.

    have fun

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    Yes you need to purchase 3 mikuni rebuild kits. Contact Osidebill or WFO for these. Make sure they are clean inside and out. remove all jets, needle and seat, valve assembly body, and old gaskets. Blow out all passages with air , not too hard, I like to use indirect air. You dont want to start blowing out the plugs. After the bodies are all clean, blown out your main and pillt jets, and needle and seat. Double check your jets and the tip on the needle to make sure they are in good condition. Replace fuel filter. Assemble the carbs and ALWAYS check pop-off.


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