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    Adding a waterproof clock

    I would like to add a clock on the ski somewhere. It really sucks that they did not have one built in the the info display. Has anybody done this? What kind did you use?

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    strap a waterproof watch to the handlebar/ and or keep ur cell phone in the compartment between your legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20rxp04 View Post
    strap a waterproof watch to the handlebar/ and or keep ur cell phone in the compartment between your legs.
    i keep it double bagged in ziplock bags... hiker habit; everything double bagged. Trash compactor bags make good waterproof bags for ski storage bins and liners in backpacks too. And i have a 10 dollar waterproof watch i wear just for stays with the ski but i guess i could strap it on the ski or my pfd..didn't think of that.

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    I would like a round clock gauge-type in my mirror to match my other gauges from Dynotune.

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    My GPS has a clock on it, I have it mounted to the glove box lid.

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    ya knowi allways wonderswhy they didnt puta clock on our dashes....seems like something you would use all the time

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