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    2-stroke oil

    Hi all,
    I just bought a couple of 2000 GTX 2-strokes, one is DI and the other has the carb. What's the general consensus on which oil to run in these? The guy I bought them from said that he used Quicksilver Full Synthetic or Amsoil if he couldn't find the Quicksilver. I'm having a hard time finding either around here without going to a marina. These are the first skis I've ever owned so any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to GH!

    The best to use would be Amsoil Interceptor. You can buy it online here and ship to your door. The important thing about oil is- stay with one. Changing oils will cause the two mixed together to gel inside the oil filters and clog, resulting in seized pistons. So it's best to run whatever is in there low, then drain what is left out of the tank and line to the pump, and change the filter. Refill, and bleed air from the line before reattaching to the pump.

    Although the above paragraph doesn't always happen, it's happened enough for you to take the necessary precautions to eliminate it from happening to you.

    Congrats on your purchase! Those (96-02), are the best handling GTX hulls BRP ever mage.

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    I went with the Amsoil Interceptor from the comments I found on here and opinions of people I ride with. Was lucky enough to find a warehouse locally. By the time I joined and purchased a case of gallon jugs it came out to 26-27 dollars a gal. HUGE SAVINGS.

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    + 1 on the Amsoil brand.

    You can purchase the Interceptor oil HERE.
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    thanks for all the replies. Sounds like Amsoil is the way to go- I'll definitely be getting some of it. This weekend is looking like a good weekend for the lake, so hopefully it will be a good outing.

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