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    Help please 96 Waverunner 1100

    New and saying hello to everyone. Im not sure if I posted in the right place but here it goes. I have a 96 waverunner 1100 that runs like a champ for about an hour and then starts missing. Just curious if anyone could guide me in the right direction. This might sound funny but here is what it would sound like to give you an example of whats going on. When it runs good its naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa when its bad its naaaaaaaa na nawwwwww na nawwwwww na na na nawwwwwwwwwwww lol sorry dont know how else to explain. By the way compression is great. Carbs rebuilt.
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    Sounds like you are starting to misfire on all cylinders. Try riding with the seat off when it starts missing and see if you spot a bit too much smoke. I think you may just have an exhaust leak. If not that, your cdi may be getting too hot and not working properly. Grab a manual, multimeter, and search the entire ignition system. Good Luck!!

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    The same thing happened to me with my 700 WaveVenture… I ended up taking it in for service and, all they had to do was replace the plugs.

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    I replaced plugs, still the same. I am suspecting the cdi, thanks guys for the help. It would suck to spend 500 dollars on a new brain only to find out thats not the problem. Live and learn.

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