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    MSX 140 Intake Grate - 1 Bar is Broke

    How easy is it to take off and do you think I can repair it. If not, does anybody have a spare intake grate they want to sell?

    It is Cracked right ahead of the ride plate.

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    Arrow Replacement for a stock MSX intake grate

    Is this the stock MSX intake grate?

    If so, replacements should be easy to find and inexpensive. And Polaris stock intake grate will fit. I don't think it would be worthwhile trying to repair a broken stock grate.

    The only different is that the MSX version of the stock intake grate grate uses a flat head bolt, while all the other models used a tapered head bolt. Same thread pitch.

    And all the aftermarket intake grates also use a tapered head bolt.

    Removal is simple. Take out the front bolt, then lower the front end a little and wiggle the grate out of the slot at the rear.

    You may need to break the sealant's grip on the grate, but it will pull out once that front bolt is removed.

    Clean up the old sealant, dry fit the replacement. Make sure it fits properly. Then remove, apply a modest amount of sealant, install the grate.

    Clean the bolt threads on the bolt, and in the hole.

    I suggest using some blue Loctite on the bolt threads, to ensure it doesn't come out later by itself.

    Do not over torque the bolt. 8 ft-lbs is the specification for the intake grate mounting bolt.

    Tip: You might consider using an aftermarket intake grate. The R&D '650' intake grate seems to work well, and is what I currently have under my own MSX 140.
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    I saw the sealant last year and I thouught maybe the ride plate had to coem off, but no so.

    K447 you are awesome. Wish you could come here and fix my friggin motor. Ah well, I'll get that resolved, I hope. I will start my search for a grate.

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