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    Which Polaris brother Waved the Checker Flag for Macclugage on Sunday

    The Dana Point To Avalon Offshore Sprint 10-28-2010
    Race 1 of the 2010 Triple Crown of OffShore

    here's a nice video short of the day before and the race by Hypnotic Films

    and a press release on Macc's win

    and a ton of links on the race on the AWA SoCalWaterCraft Club Forum
    The Dana Point To Avalon Offshore Sprint - Official Results/Photos/Video/Links

    Chris 'Macc' Macclugage coming in hot on his Yamaha FXHO SHO with Lee Phan right on him as they battled for 38 miles back and forth with Phan on a RXT at less than a ski lenght as the checker flag is readied by.....

    Our very own Rod aka rlovebk

    Can't thank Rod enough who is just getting over elbow surgery and is locked out from his job by a minning company and fellow AWA SoCal Watercraft Club member Chaz aka Kawiski also on the good 'old Greenhulk. These two got up as I went to bed to get on a Sea Tow boat, take a 40 miles cruise over to Catalina Island at O-dark-thirty on a Sunday morning. Thanks so much guys for voluteering to help out as the Officals and to make this race possible

    Beautifull fast water sea state with Temps in the high '70s, yes Caper would have done great ... but they are no longer selling at this time Periuim fuel on the Island and I don't want to be the 1st to test out the 'P3 matrix will be OK without the spash of race fuel deal" by running Regular and octane boost for the return trip back

    So while Rod and Chaz were in Avalon I was working K38 Watercraft Safety the day of the race and the day before doing the tech/safety equipment checks no the racers
    Checking Macc and his Safety supplies -he pasted with flying colors

    Teching his boat, the film crew was from Hypnotic Films who has just release the Rise of the Ride action sport ski video - didn't even realize they were filming till they started asking questions

    Then next day hanging with Russ aka Waterdeamon and Marta from K38 Poland who is a Lifeguard/Swim instructor and trained parametic on Lake Pacific about 10 miles out, I'm going help her with her English, she going teach me how to swim -latter on I would turn back into the Prima donna racer and have Russ tow my boat back while I had her ride me back the 10 miles to Dana Point, Ca
    Marta and I doing are best in the treacherous conditions on Sinday

    Getting and giving a de-briefing to Shawn Alladio, founder of K38 right after Heckeling Macc after he told me he won, but I just had to let him know "if Rachel Macclugage his wife would have raced she would have won" LOL. Shawn took 1st in Mfg Stock class and 9th overall in the race on a Kawasaki Ultra 260LX

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    Great stuff !!! wish we had more Off Shore Racing here.

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