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    Tips that might help some people

    So i have been putting in some serious wrench time on my RXP lately and ran into a few issues that other people might have.

    first off, when i was removing the stock intercooler the rubber seal that goes on the front of the intercooler (back of the motor) fell off and dropped in the manifold. Luckily i reached in to check and found it, figured many people might leave it in accidentally

    Second, When installing the free flow exhaust you must remove the VTS motor. Even with pump off its a pain in the ass, although there is probably a better tool that I dont have. I could only get a little turn on the throughhull nut and couldnt get the pliers for another bite. Then i realised that once you remove the motor bracket inside the hull, you can move the motor itself and just keep clamping down on the nut and loosen it that way. Need two people though, one to hold nut, one to turn motor.

    Luckily everything else so far worked just as everyone on the forum described. Anyone else feel free to add to this thread.

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    Get some plastic tube heat the end and stick it over the VTS nut, you now have your own custom vts tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dockside View Post
    Get some plastic tube heat the end and stick it over the VTS nut, you now have your own custom vts tool
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    Thats a much better idea. Definitely gonna do that for the future.

    And that sucks about the intercooler seal, I didnt think anything of it, just reached my hand in there to feel what it was like in the void left after removal. Glad i found it!

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