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Thread: Flywheel help

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    Flywheel help

    Ok. I am down to pulling the darn flywheel on my slt 780...bolt on the Flywheel will not come off. I dont have an impact or air in the hell do i get this thing off?? I have tried but it keeps turning...tried wedging and no luck...i am assuming the nut goes the same as all others to take off...left.....anyone with some help??

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    Search on here for 'rope trick'

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    Yes it's a standard thread. Lefty loosey.

    Remove the spark plug from the MAG cyl. Bring the piston to TDC and then back it down about 3/4". (this will prevent the rope from getting caught inside a port and rocking the piston)

    Then fill the cylinder through the plug hole with a CLEAN rope, or a bungee cord works best. DON"T forget to leave the end of the rope hanging out enough so it doesn't fall into the cyl.

    Then remove the nut. You do the same for installing the nut.

    OR, if you're going to be rebuilding the MAG cyl anyways, you can flip the head up side down, and install a few nuts. Believe it or not, the head will hold the piston in place while you remove/install the flywheel nut.

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