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    770 slt-weak spark

    Parionid if posting in wrong place??- so many options. Anyway, i have weak spark and one hour it runs then it wont even start.Plugs are showing a dull weak uneven spark when cranking engine ,plug in hand grounded against block. I am going into the black box for the first time and hopefully will se something obvious. If not, where should i begin testing of the black box?

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    Check the battery voltage using a multi-meter.

    The battery may need charging, and the engine may not be re-charging the battery while the engine runs.

    Battery voltage while cranking the engine should be over 10.6 volts. If it is not, re-charge the battery.

    If recharging the battery allows the engine to start, then measure the battery voltage while the engine is running.

    If the battery voltage with the engine running is lower than 13.5 volts, them the charging system on the engine is not working.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Just for clarity purposes, do you have a 700, 750 or 780? There's no such thing as a SLT 770.

    Check the battery like K447 mentioned.

    Then unscrew the spark plug boots from the wires. Clip the wire back about 1/4" and rescrew the boots back on, then re-zip tie them. That tends to help with a weak spark.

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