hi guys. first time poster long time reader i live in aus and currently have a Rxtx running a best of 75.5mph at 8300rpm on half a tank of fuel. it currently has

les cooke A kit supercharger wheel
les cooke ecu reflash 8650
les cooke valve retainers
les cooke nose cone
4' air intake
riva upgrade kit oem intake manifold
riva free flow exhaust
r&d intake grate
15/20r solas prop
riva pro opas block offs
worx sponsons
ride plate holes filled

i love the midrange and take off but my question is i dont know what my a/f ratios are but would i need a rrfpr or bigger injectors to run wide open throttle for a long time and does these speed numbers sound correct or should i be getting more out of my ski i know i have 250rpm to play with. Any comments or advise apprecitated thanks.