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    Replacement Display


    I have a 1997 Yamaha Wave Raider. The display went out, and I'm having a really hard time finding a replacement.



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    Welcome to the Hulk Trevor (maybe it's a little late, you joined almost 3 years ago and only one post? )!

    Plenty of good people here if you have any questions. Where do you ride?

    Check the classifieds here, or try ebay.. but I would also look at pwctoday ( There are a few guys who are parting out raiders. I don't want to plug their site, just saying there seems to be more of those kind of parts over there.

    Incidentally, is it an 1100 or 700? I can't remember offhand if the displays work on both.

    Keep in mind there are 3 types of display:
    1. one with the idiot oil light
    2. one with a tach
    3. one with a speedo and tach

    Before you buy off anyone, search for them in the buyer/seller feedback, or ask around.

    Hope this helps,


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