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    ride plate fixings

    hi all easter bunny soon. just noticed rear ride plate screws! missing. do they screw into the alum top hats! inside the hull. what thread size are they and how long. if theads striped can they be re tapped. as top hats dont look easy to fit. cheers ps genesis

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    if stripped u could re tape the thread, if u have removed the plate have u re seale dit back in place??

    As far as i know they go into ally top hats like the intake grate does

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    Which year Genesis?

    Note: The Genesis hulls use a different shaped ride plate and intake grate, which are different from all other Polaris hulls.

    The 1999 Genesis has the added specialness of having under the hull exhaust exits.

    Tip: It might be easiest to remove one of the remaining screws from the ride plate, and hunt down some more of the same.

    If the screws have been locked in at the factory (or a shop) with thread locking compound, you may need to apply some electric heat gun heat to get the compound to release. If you don't use the heat first, there is a chance of breaking the hull inserts loose, which you don't want to do.

    Be careful with the heat. You don't want to scorch the hull, but it does require the screw thread temperature to get above the release threshold of the compound. Read up on Red and Blue Loctite for more info on the exact temperatures involved.

    Tip: You may want to use a blind hole thread tap to clear the holes of dirt and old compound.

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    hi m8 plate sealed on, need screw thread and size so i can replace. looks like been filled with silcone to hold existing screws in,

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    hi k447 its 1999

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