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    Smile !!! Premix Help!!!!

    Hello fellow members I'm trying to find out whatz the exact amount of oil that I should put into my 2002 1200gpr that Ima convert it into premix since I heard is safer ... Also what type of oil should I use ... Thanks for the info... Mods d-plate and impeller.If it helps

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    16 oz to 5 Gallons
    FS 10qt case Klotz Super Techniplate

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    Here is a nice oil chart for whatever ratio you want to use

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    40 to 1 is the general rule ,but I go as high as 32to1 on my proformance stuff. Change your plugs regularly . If you wanted to be exact do to by weight. That is way overkill . Get a height right prermix cup and you will be fine. Word to the wise mark your gas cans and use an oil that tents the fuel. Some oils mix clear . Nothing worst than wondering this mixed ......I think it's mixed...I hope it's mixed ....I can't tell if it's mixed .

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