Don't know if this should be in the classifieds, but I thought it would be better in the 'old skool' section.
Im after a prop, and some advise as to pich for a 144mm pump for my 927cc waveblaster 800 project ski. I also need a aftermarket intake grate, and wondered what everybody thinks?
I have been told that the Waveblaster 800 has the same 'running gear' as the 97-200- GP800 skis (144mm pump with a aluminium tunnel)
Im thinking about 14/22 swirl and work from there. Want to get in the ballpark before spending big bucks on the prop.
Also, the R&D grate worked well on my GP1200-does anybody have any info on the Waveblaster 800??
Anybody got any advise or parts??