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    locked up

    I have a 1993 kawasaki 750 ss it had been sitting for proably a year because we have to get the fiberglass fixed.Nomally i crank it up but the battery was dead so i tried putting a better battery in it sounded like it was trying to spin the motor but couldnt.I think the motor locked up so we put some oil in it and still no,so i was wondering how to unlock it?

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    If it has been sitting for awhile are you sure the other battery you put in is good? What about the spark plugs?

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    pull the plugs and see if it turns without them. could be starter, bendix or seize

    could also be corrosion or blockage in the pump housing holding the impeller

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaobin View Post
    could also be corrosion or blockage in the pump housing holding the impeller
    Most likely the culprit. Water gets between the pump housing and liner and causes corrosion, which forces the liner to rub on the impeller.

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