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    2003 gtx sc problem please help!!!

    hello all!!!

    i am having a problem with my seadoo gtx sc that when i turn her off i get sounds from the engine bay every 1 or 2 minutes a clicking noise from the shut off solenoid another ticking noise from a sensor on the throtle body and a short activation on the fuel pump its a big fuss because i have to disconnect the machines battery because if not it will drain please help !!!

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    I had an 03 like yours that would not shut down when you pulled the lanyard,i replaced the rear oil sensor and it worked fine after that.Not sure if it was because the battery was disconnected for a day or the bad sensor was screwing up the electronics,hope this helps,LB

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    thanks for your quick reply at least mine shuts off when i pull the lanyarn and then i get that clicking noise coming from the black shut off selonoid, a sensor thats on the throttle body and the fuel pump activates for like half a second all of this occurs every minute after i shut off my machine its really anoying me because i have to disconnect the battery everytime the machine is not going to be used its a seadoo gtx 03 with 215

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