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    Does Your Lake Look Like This?

    Who else has the lake you ride in look like this?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The water should be about 8 ft. at the end of my pier. Only 2 boat ramps are open, that I know of, and they will be closed before too long without some rain. Better than last year though, I could walk to that tree island, which is about the size of a football field, in front of my pier without getting my feet wet.

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    Ask Al Gore why ? lol....

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    Thumbs down

    I am on West Lake (Bay of Qunite) Ontario. Our lake is down about 2 1/2 ft at the moment. Might come up a bit.We have had a lack of snow this past winter. The Prop Shop boys are gonna do alot of business this summer! BUT.... up in Georgian Bay (off of Lake Huron) there are people with boats they store in thier boat houses during the winter ....... They won't be able to lower them into the water...Why??... no water to lower them into... Now that SUCK!...

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    Yikes! The great lokes in michigan have had similar problems.

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    Lake County, FL has been like that for the last year!
    We had a 100 year drought around 2001, followed by a 100 year high. Then our rainfall went down again in 2008-09, finally coming back up this year, we gained about 12 inches in the last 60 days but a lot of the docks are still out of the water.

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    I send some that I'm pumping out of my basement, plenty of water south of Boston!

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    Send it to me

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    Lake travis was empty last year. It sucked. But we have water now.

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    our drought in Arizona seems to be ending. All of our lakes are full and the dry lake bed in the middle of town is flowing strong as the mountain snow melts.

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    pretty much the same here at Elephant Butte lake in New Mexico. Fed by the Rio Grande, we're expecting another good year here ( nothing like the stories I've herad of years ago where the lake was so full it was coming over the spillway at the Elephant Butte Dam)

    Our lake is actually man made, so the levels depend on how much water is relased for farming downstream.

    With all the snow and rain up north, should be another good year here.

    Sorry for you folks in the North East..the 100 year flood arrived a bit early.

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