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    supercharger/motor reliability

    Hey guys, pardon my ignorance. I have searched the threads, perhaps not hard enough, but I just want to know how well the new Yamaha 4 stroke engines and superchargers are holding up. Also, if a Yamaha supercharger does fail, does it destroy the motor like the Sea-doos?. I just had my second rxt engine go, with 60 hours on Riva washers/bearings. I can't take it anymore, gotta find something else, the cost is just ridiculous.

    Thanks in advance

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    Yamaha all the way, if u use a blow off valve u shouldnt have clutch issues
    and if it does go out just replace clutch, not motor.

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    They seem to be holding up really well. Several of us on the forum that bought SHO's back in '08 are nearing 200 hrs with lots of performance mods, & I haven't heard of any engine failures besides a few that went down because of tuning mistakes. The biggest point of failure has been the supercharger clutches & pump tunnels. The clutch issue has been cured by using BOV's & really not necessary if you leave it stock. It doesn't take out the engine if the clutch fails...just stops making boost. The tunnel issues have been mainly on the FXSHO models, & there is a reinforcement available from forum member 305coco. The FZ's are reinforced from the factory.

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    Welcome to the forum Tim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5001craig View Post
    Welcome to the forum Tim.
    Welcome!!! Tuff motor!!

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