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Thread: won't start!!

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    won't start!!

    I have a 2001 ultra 150 that is having a starting issue.

    the battery is fully charged and i just replaced the starting relay (in the box by the battery).

    When i push the start button i can hear a relay click that sounds like it is coming from under the dash area but the starter relay does not click. occasionally however it will turn over.

    any ideas on what the issue is? I want to get out there.

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    You only need to post this question once.

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    Possible the bendix is bad and not engaging completely, or you have a bad ECU that is under the seat at the front to the right at the top.

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    if it was the bendix wouldn't i at least hear the relay clicking over? and does the starter run through the ecu?

    sorry about posting twice. i didn't do it on purpose i thought the 2 stroke one would be a better fit so i put it in there and i couldn't figure out how to delete it.

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