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    750 XI ss trim removal

    Any tricks tips or advice on removing the trim on this?

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    All my 750 Xi SS trim is laying on the floor of my barn. It was held on with nuts on the back side. Pretty easy to take off.

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    I was referring to the electic trim motor. Got any 750 xi ss parts for sale?

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    The book says I have to pull the motor but it looks like I just need to remove the exhaust and I can reach everything....

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    Got the trim out and the motor is shot. No I'm trying to find a motor. Need part numbers any ideas?

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    How did you remove the trim? I just got mine and im tinkering - ive read you need to push the motor back and all that but it seems like all you need to do is remove the exhaust. What did you do to get to it?

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